Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

Give your child a great start in life with our help

Growing up brings your children pains and joys in equal measure. Teeth can bring both. You'll want to ensure that their formative years are healthy and set them up for a great life. Development of their speech and chewing comes from their baby teeth and secondary teeth. You'll get our help to ensure they are progressing healthily.

Children's dentistry that gives you first class care

We understand that children can be afraid of the dentist's and it's why we do the best to help your child feel at home. You'll get our help eliminating their fears with dental chair rides, counting teeth and rewards after treatment. The children's dentistry at Smile On The Square Dental Care will help keep tooth rot and decay away from your child.

How we'll help you care for your children's teeth

• Extractions
• Root canals
• Regular check-ups
• Relaxing family-friendly environment
• 30 years of dental experience

Advice that helps you take care of your children's teeth

Your children's teeth will get dental care that goes further than just check-ups. You'll get advice on how to help your child start brushing and with any concerns you may have with their general oral health. Call us today to book an appointment.
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